Each Doctor Eye comic has two 12 page stories. In the first story, Doctor Eye is the evil mastermind set on a mission of personal revenge and professional domination.

The second story is set 12 years in the future where he is now a force for good. WARNING!!! You don't find out what finally forces him to change until Book 10.

There will be lots of clues on the way though


Book 1:

Issue 1:

Dead on the Day of the Dead

Set in Mexico City


Issue 2: 

Breaking the Ice

Set in Sitka, Alaska.

Book 2:

Issue 3: 

Three Birds with One Stone

Set in Washington DC

Book 4:

The Tailor and The Bear

Set in Moscow, Russia

Book 3:

Issue 5: 

Christmas in Tokyo

Set in Tokyo and Mexico

Issue 6: 

Rendezvous on the North Coast 500

Set in Scotland and London

Book 4

Issue 7:

Digging up the Past

Set in Washington, North Virginia & The North Sea

Issue 8:

The Secret Spreads

Set in Dublin, London & St.Petersburgh


Coming out 11th October

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