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SHOUT OUT to  all the businesses and friends on the Perth Road in Dundee who bought a crowd-funding print to cover my table cost for DeeCon and Glenrothes #perthroadrocks

Part 1_ Big thanks to all the businesses
Part 2_ Perth Road crowdfunding #perthro
Part 3_ Perth Road crowdfunding #perthro
Part 4_ Perth Road crowdfunding #goldlio

Thanks to Sam and everyone at Wasps Studios in Dundee for letting me be a part of Fun A Day 2019. Loved everyone's work and was very glad to take Ian Kennedy's advice and work with acrylics! #funadaydundee2019

Big thanks to Sam and everyone at Fun a

Thanks to the team at Dundee United hospitality for my VIP invite. Special to meet Davie Dodds, Hamish McAlpine and John Holt, and I got to watch the match from Jim McLean's old seat!

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