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Dundee's Drew Marr
Founder of Gold Lion Comics 
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Artist, writer, and publisher, Drew loves comics, films, political satire and most of all creating characters. As well as his self-published titles, Drew has contributed comic strips to The Big Comic Scene Annual and The 77, a brand new retro-style anthology. As founder of Gold Lion Comics he is eager to work with other young people who wish to sell their creations. 


Gold Lion Comics will also produce prints and

t-shirts of our comic's characters. We look forward to attending numerous festivals and events to introduce our creations to comic book fans. 





"My first comic book series is called The Rehabilitation of Doctor Eye. This is a ten-part series based on the life of a supervillain and how he changes to become a force for good. My second creation is Drunk Genie, He is an immoral and incompetent genie who constantly fails to grant people's wishes properly."      

                                                                                                                                        Drew Marr

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